Welcome to the Neurosurgery department at Sarmad Hospital, where we specialize in providing expert care for conditions affecting the brain, spine, and nervous system. Our team of neurologists and neurosurgeons is dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and managing a wide range of neurological disorders, from common conditions to complex neurological diseases.

We understand the impact that neurological conditions can have on patients and their families, which is why we are committed to providing compassionate and personalized care to improve quality of life and functional outcomes.

At Sarmad Hospital, we offer advanced diagnostic capabilities, state-of-the-art surgical techniques, and multidisciplinary care to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of treatment. Whether you’re seeking evaluation for neurological symptoms, surgical intervention, or ongoing management of a chronic neurological condition, you can trust our experienced team to provide you with expert care and support every step of the way.

of neurological disorders

Treatment of brain tumors and spinal cord injuries

Surgical interventions for neurovascular conditions & disorders

Neuro rehabilitation and therapy